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Town of siena zip 53100 (si) toscana, italy. full data and useful

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Notice : By the law: Legge regionale 11 novembre n. Province : Siena. Distance from the chief town Siena : 49 chilometri. Inhabitants : Istat Denomination : Sangiovannesi. In the previos day there were cases, thus having a variation of 0 casesi.

Please follow this link for updated information on Covid including new cases and percentage changes for the whole of Italy, regions and individual provinces. Geographic data: Surface : 66,46 square kilometers. Height above sea level: meters. Height: meters. Altimetric difference: meters. Population and Statistical data: Population density: 13,60 inhabitants per square kilometer. Population on inhabitants - Population on inhabitants - Population on inhabitants. Families: Medium value of the components of a generic family: 2,28 people.

Most recent data about Population: On January, 1 there where inhabitants in San Giovanni d'Asso, males and females. There where 6 inhabitants less than one year old 2 males and 4 females and 1 inhabitants being one-hundred years old or more 0 males and 1 females.

Foreign citizens: On January 1, were resident in San Giovanni d'Asso foreign citizens, 56 of whom males and 72 females. On December 31 of the same year were resident in San Giovanni d'Asso foreign citizens, 72 of whom males and 55 females, thus being the For the sake of simplicity we will us the term of San Giovanni d'Asso. In San Giovanni d'Asso live three hundred and twenty-nine people: one hundred and fifty-seven are males and one hundred and seventy-two are females.

There are one hundred and seven singles sixty-four males and fourty-three females. There are one hundred and fifty-one people married, and ten people legally separed. There are also eight divorced people and fifty-three widows and widowers.

town of siena zip 53100 (si) toscana, italy. full data and useful

In San Giovanni d'Asso live twenty-six foreigners, fourteen are males and twelve are females.This page describes how to manage the site www. The possible entry into force of new sector regulations, as well as the constant examination and updating of the general conditions of use of the website, could lead to the need to change this document. It is therefore possible that this Privacy Policy will change over time and we therefore invite each user to periodically consult this page.

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town of siena zip 53100 (si) toscana, italy. full data and useful

We keep your data for the time strictly necessary to reply or make an appointment with you; if you give us your consent, which you can easily revoke when you want, we will keep your data for promotional purposes for 2 years. In relation to the processing of your personal data, you have the right to ask Liquidweb Srl:.

Furthermore, we inform you that you have the right to make a complaint to the Control Authority, which in Italy is the Guarantor for the protection of personal data — www. At any time, you can ask Liquidweb Srl to exercise your previous rights by contacting the email address: privacy liquidweb. VAT Help Center Contacts. Privacy Policy We protect the privacy and security of site visitors.Why Siena? Tucked along its steep side-streets are a magnificent zebra-striped cathedralbuildings filled with medieval frescoes, cool and shadowy churches, and a cityscape virtually unchanged since the late Middle Ages.

That medieval suffering helped preserve much of the city in its 14th-century state, as Siena never quite recovered its former power, glory, and riches—and therefore never underwent Renaissance or baroque overhauls did Florence and other neighbors and rivals.

Siena is a fascinating and elegant city full of history, art and of course wonderful food. However, it can be daunting to know where to go, what to do, and how to find anything that's not already listed in a guidebook.

In this 2-hour Welcome to Siena Tour, we want to share our city with you: what makes it different and special, and how to feel like a local while you are there. Ideal for your day of arrival, or very beginning of your trip, whether it's your first visit or your fifth, our Welcome To series is designed to orient you to the neighborhood you are staying in, as well as the city itself.

Welcome to Siena Our Context docent will meet you in the lobby of your hotel or in front of your apartment, armed with maps, guidebooks and other materials. The first hour will be spent in a nearby cafe, using these materials to acclimate you to the neighborhood and to help you understand where you are staying in relation to the layout of the city. If you have booked additional walks with us, our docent will bring your itinerary with them, in order to answer any questions you might have about transportation e.

Do you want to know the ideal time of day to visit certain museums or the best hole-in-the-wall restaurant to eat authentic Tuscan food? We will provide you with plenty of recommendations and insider's tips to fill your time in Siena.

Taking a Stroll Next we will head out into the neighborhood, popping our heads into any places that pique our interest, from the bar where you can get the best cappuccino in the morning, to a nearby church which will undoubtedly have an interior worth noting, showing you what makes your neighborhood special and so authentically Sienese.

We will explain local customs How do you buy produce in the local market? What's the correct word for that breakfast pastry glistening with sugar? What is the local aperitivo of choice?

Where do I find shops selling authentic crafts? During these two hours together you will have the unique opportunity to take from our docent's knowledge, expertise, and love for their city all you need to shape your stay.

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We want you to love the city as much as we do! The Palio in Siena occurs twice each summer July 2nd and August 16th. Unequaled in Italy, this 4 day festival has survived since the Middle Ages with little change. Share in the excitement of the race by booking a reserved ticket that places you in the beautiful, shell-shaped Piazza del Campo, the city's historic center where the race is run.

From any of our ticket locations you'll have a great view of the campo, first for the historical parade in which the costumed members of Siena's 17 Contrade neighborhoods parade through the campo along with their assigned horse and the sbandieratore flag throwers who launch their colorful flags into the air.

Then after the parade has concluded 10 of the 17 Contrada, with their horse and hired jockey, will enter the campo and make their way to starting line to prepare themselves for the calling of their randomly selected starting positions -- once they are in their proper position and only thenthe race can start with three laps around the campo; don't blink or you might miss it because this thrilling, bareback race lasts only 90 seconds!

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For the citizens of Siena, the Palio is all about neighbourhood pride and rivalry, and it is the continuation of a centuries-old tradition associated with religion and honor. Who will prove victorious? Which lucky horse will be the town hero? Root for your favourite Contrada and absorb the rare atmosphere of Siena during its annual horse race!

A single ticket for an unforgettable itinerary through the most magnificent sites clustered around Siena's immense Gothic cathedral. Six monuments in the heart of the medieval city - all with pre-paid tickets and no waiting in line! Valid for three days, the flexible Siena Cathedral Combo Pass allows you to skip the lines at these museums and sites, and visit them in whatever order you wish.

Built from toGothic master Nicola Pisano was one of the architects and his splendid marble pulpit - a masterpiece of medieval sculpture - stands in the left transept, while statues by Donatello, Michelangelo and Gianlorenzo Bernini are scattered throughout the church. The Piccolomini Library, painted by Pinturicchio inis a charming Renaissance fairytale with colorful frescoes from the life of Pope Pius II - even the cathedral's 14, square foot inlaid marble floor is a work of art!

Secret Itineraries of Siena Cathedral For only the second time in history, a series of walkways, hidden spiral staircases and indoor and outdoor balconies atop Siena's fantastic, zebra-striped Gothic cathedral have been opened to the public.

Visitors will be allowed at the reserved time to visit independently but accompanied by a guard the parts of the structure that have been closed to all but the building's architects for over years. Crypt Beneath the cathedral is the latest artistic discovery in Siena: a room widely referred to as the crypt, although no bodies have been found buried here. Most likely this subterranean room open to the public only since was an entrance to the previous church.

It boasts a fresco cycle painted between and by a yet unidentified master. The vibrant blue, gold, and burgundy colors of these frescoes have been impressively preserved, thanks to the lack of light and humidity in this part of the church. Baptistery of San Giovanni Tucked away underneath the Duomo, down a steep flight of steps, is the separate building housing the Baptistery of San Giovanni.It is the capital of the province of Siena.

Siena, like other Tuscan hill towns, was first settled in the time of the Etruscans c. The Etruscans were a tribe of advanced people who changed the face of central Italy through their use of irrigation to reclaim previously unfarmable land, and their custom of building their settlements in well-defended hill forts.

Some archaeologists assert that Siena was controlled for a period by a Gaulish tribe called the Senones. According to local legend, Siena was founded by Senius and Aschiustwo sons of Remus and thus nephews of Romulusafter whom Rome was named. Supposedly after their father's murder by Romulus, they fled Rome, taking with them the statue of the she-wolf suckling the infants Capitoline Wolfthus appropriating that symbol for the town.

Some claim the name Siena derives from Senius. Other etymologies derive the name from the Etruscan family name Sainathe Roman family name Saeniior the Latin word senex "old" or its derived form seneo "to be old". Siena did not prosper under Roman rule.

Palio di Siena

It was not sited near any major roads and lacked opportunities for trade. Its insular status meant that Christianity did not penetrate until the 4th century AD, and it was not until the Lombards invaded Siena and the surrounding territory that it knew prosperity.

Siena prospered as a trading post, and the constant streams of pilgrims passing to and from Rome provided a valuable source of income in the centuries to come. The oldest aristocratic families in Siena date their line to the Lombards' surrender in to Charlemagne.

At this point, the city was inundated with a swarm of Frankish overseers who married into the existing Sienese nobility and left a legacy that can be seen in the abbeys they founded throughout Sienese territory. This ultimately resulted in the creation of the Republic of Siena. The Republic existed for over four hundred years, from the 12th century until the year During the golden age of Siena before the Black Death inthe city was home to 50, people.

In the Italian War of —59the republic was defeated by the rival Duchy of Florence in alliance with the Spanish crown. After 18 months of resistance, Siena surrendered to Spain on 17 April[7] marking the end of the republic. The new Spanish King Felipe IIowing huge sums to the Mediciceded it apart from a series of coastal fortress annexed to the State of Presidi to the Grand Duchy of Tuscanyto which it belonged until the unification of Italy in the 19th century. A Republican government of Sienese families in Montalcino resisted until Siena is located in the central part of Tuscanyin the middle of a vast hilly landscape between the Arbia river valley souththe Merse valley south-westthe Elsa valley norththe Chianti hills north-eastthe Montagnola Senese west and the Crete Senesi south-east.

Siena has a typical inland Mediterranean climate. July is the hottest month, with an average temperature of A proposed expansion of the eastern transept would have transformed the church into an ambitiously massive basilica, the largest then in the world, with an east-west nave.

However, the scarcity of funds, in part due to war and the Black Death, truncated the project. Two walls of this expanded eastern transept remain; through an internal staircase, visitors can climb for a grand view of the city. The Siena Cathedral Pulpit is an octagonal 13th-century masterpiece sculpted by Nicola Pisano with lion pedestals and biblical bas-relief panels.AFAR participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission if you purchase an item featured on our site.

Home Travel Guides Tuscany. List View. Here are some of the highlights. Share this list. Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The ZTL (Restricted Traffic Zone) - Comune di Siena

Begun inthe tower began to lean almost immediately thanks Galleria dell'Accademia. Uffizi Gallery. But for those with less time, highlights include the three great Leonardo da Vinci Museum.

Photo by age fotostock. Pitti Palace. The Uffizi Gallery might get moreattention, but the Palazzo Pitti across the river is the largest museum complex in Florence.

The vast Renaissance palace itself has been owned by the Medici family, used by Napoleon, and repurposed as home to King Stibbert Museum. Frederick Stibbert was a wealthy Anglo-Italian art collector who used his inherited fortune to turn his home into a museum in the 19th century.

Today, the Stibbert has one of the quirkiest collections you'll find in a city most famous for its Pinacoteca Nazionale. Active from the 13th to 15th centuries and considered an influence on the pre-Renaissance movement, the Sienese School of painting is identifiable by its themes—always religious, and usually with a focus on Biblical miracles—and its signature Duomo di Santa Maria del Fiore.

You are able to catch glimpses of itsmagnificent red-tiled cupola from just about anywhere in the city center. Construction on the church complexbegan in and the Santa Maria della Scala. It was also one of the first hospitals anywhere to disinfect its equipment and only stopped taking in patients in the s. The writer Italo Calvino died Photo courtesy of Museo dell'Opera del Duomo. Museo dell'Opera del Duomo.Inserted inside the eighteenth-century residence of the same name, Palazzo Ninci was born from the desire to create opportunities for meeting, Here the time for relaxation is full of experiences to share.

There are two private rooms, connected by a corridor, tastefully furnished and equipped with everything needed to spend a peaceful and quiet holiday.

The bathroom is private and reserved for the guests of the rooms. Max was as welcoming as an 'old friend' does, even without knowing us. We had long and pleasant chats with him: he is an affable and cultural person. The location is in a hilltop village; by car you can reach Arezzo in 20 minutes, Siena in 50 minutes and the A1 motorway in 10 minutes. We will definitely come back when we need accommodation to 'break' our travels from north to south or to visit central Italy. Bilocale appena ristrutturato, a due passi dal centro di Poggibonsi, a due minuti dal centro commerciale e dallo svincolo autostradale, con parcheggio privato, splendida vista sulle colline toscane Ottimo per raggiungere Siena, Firenze, San Gimignano.

The perfect welcome, the cleanliness everywhere and the abundance of ready-made linen. The apartment is practically in the center of Poggibonsi, extra convenient if you have to attend the Siena Eye Laser clinic. If you turn your gaze to the left you have the COOP and the hills, if you turn to the right you have the station: all within a stone's throw. The price is really excellent. Quiet neighbors, peaceful environment and also with a beautiful urban green.

Many, many beautiful things to say I only have a sweet memory of my first experience. Thank you, King Philip! Luogo ideale per trascorrere giorni in totale relax e godere delle meraviglie che questa zona offre Chianti, Val d'Orcia, Crete Senesi.

Tuscany's Dolce Vita

Little did I know it would come to mean so much more: the house was delightful, just as pictured. Super clean, cozy, and with a breathtaking view. Private, discreet and quiet- just the sounds of nature around us. The cities nearby a minute drive.

Marta was extremely helpful and attentive, she made our stay so easy and pleasant. We enjoyed our stay so much that we will be back in a couple of months! Super recommended! Check in. Check out. Unique stays. Free parking on premises. Air conditioning.The city Siena is a small medieval city in the heart of Tuscany that is bursting with culture.

town of siena zip 53100 (si) toscana, italy. full data and useful

It is a beautiful, peaceful place to be. The Sienese speak a pure form of Italian that remains unaltered by dialect, so Siena is a great choice place to study the language.

One Day in Siena: What to See and Do in this Stunning Tuscan Town

The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is found in the centre of the cityclose to all of the museums, monuments and places of interest. The school is small, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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Students are made to feel at home at the school, which hosts large classrooms and a lovely and spacious sun terrace - the perfect place to relax. Class sizes are small, ensuring individual attention and a friendly, interactive atmosphere. One of the services offered by the school is finding suitable accommodation for the students who can stay in shared apartments, host families, residences or private apartments.

The school offers an extensive cultural programincluding walking tours of Siena, Italian film evenings at the school, regular seminars on Italian History, Music and Art, as well as dinners with teachers, wine tasting sessions and full day excursions to Chianti, Florence and the coast.

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Learn Italian in Italy, where else? Italian language schools in Italy - Italian language courses in Italy - Study italian. The data will be treated as per Privacy Policy and send to the school that will provide you with feedback.

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